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The Weakness is a long term Webisode project. It centers around a 400+ year old vampire with a Billy Idol complex, an even older vampire with a desperate and panicked taste for young blood and a young woman who is sweet, loony, yet always inappropriately dressed in prom-wear who knows a lot more than she is letting on. This story is much much more than your standard vampire fare. It is about love - loss - regret - bitterness - mistakes made - mistakes corrected - and of course still wanting to stick it to your father, even after 400 years.

Your usual heartbreaking coming of age story... only with vampires.


Richard Eckman plays Elliot, the lone human who has jumped in the middle of the fray with the vampires to try and make sense of it all. Is it because of his intense curiosity or because of a long burning desire that goes much deeper and further into the past than even Elliot himself understands?

Click on the image below to see more of  Richard's work as Elliot on The Weakness!
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