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Height: 5'8"

Weight: 145 lbs

Degree: BFA, Point Park College, Theatre Arts 

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA


Rich Eckman027 2.jpg

OPEN HOUSE                                                  The Exterminator (starring)

Scotchworthy Productions

Director:  Tony Wash


THE IDEA THIEF                                              Fred (starring)           

Black Boot Productions                                 

Director:  Jonathan R. Skocik                                                              


THE SCREENING                                            Alistair (starring) 

AddEvil Productions

Director:  G. Cameron Romero                                                                                                                                                                                      

ONLY YOU                                                       Bartender/waiter (featured extra)

Director:  Norman Jewison

Tristar Pictures               

2010 - present

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland                Prof. Carter Pillar

Rage of the Stage Players  


Amadeus                                                          Baron Van Swieten 

Pittsburgh Playhouse    


Bus Stop                                                          Virgil Blessing

Duquesne Univ. Summer Company   

Corpus Christi                                                 Simon        

Pittsburgh Provoke Theater Project   


Coarse Actor's Show                                      He / Ishmael / Smethwick

Carlow College Theatre Group    


The Crumple Zone                                           Buck                            

Cloven Hoof Productions  


Dracula – The Dragon Prince                         Dr. John Seward                   

Rage of the Stage Players     


The Farnsworth Invention                              Bill Crocker                 

Throughline Theatre Company     


Gravity’s Revenge                                           Tad Poole          

Pittsburgh New Works Festival 1998    


House of Blue Leaves                                     Billy Einhorn                              

Duquesne Univ. Summer Company    


Humanesque                                                    John Deloris 

Pittsburgh New Works Festival 2000   

Julius Caesar                                                   Casca / Mesala

Throughline Theatre Company

The Odd Couple                                              Felix                                    

Baldwin Players    


Proof                                                                 Hal                                 

Red Barn Theater   


Run for Your Wife                                            Stanley Gardner

Gemini Theatre     


The Saving of Billy B.                                      John Leeming                     

Cloven Hoof Productions      


The Secret Garden                                          Colin                                 

Pittsburgh Playhouse Junior   


The Stand-In                                                    Lester Perry                  

Pittsburgh Queer Theater     


Thrown                                                             Jim        

Pittsburgh New Works Festival 2008   


Vampire Lesbians of Sodom                          Oatsie Carewe

Pittsburgh Playhouse


Villains                                                              Walt Disney                   

Rage of the Stage Players      

2010 - present
Commercial and Industrials

List of Conflicts Available Upon Request

Special Skills/Abilities

DIALECTS/ACCENTSHigh British, Cockney, Scots, Irish, German, Italian, Russian, Hispanic, New England, New York/New Jersey, American Southern, American Southwest/Texas, Canadian  OTHER SKILLS Impersonations, stage combat, sketching and painting, model building and detailing, driving (manual & automatic), swimming, bowling, running, bocce, shooting (pistol & rifle)  SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE Knowledge of & experience with legal and medical terminology; knowledge of & experience with railroad equipment & operating procedure and terminology  LANGUAGESBasic German & some Italian

Training & Workshops

Point Park College:  Bachelor of Fine Arts - Theatre Arts (Class of 1992)

Acting:  John Amplas, Nancy Chesney, Chris Josephs

Voice:   Kate Aronson, Raymond Laine

Movement & Stage Combat:  Mark Thompson

Voiceover Instruction:  Amy Hartman, Jack Bailey, & Marc Scott

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