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Hello !

Thank you once again for visiting my website.  So, you've looked at some of the pictures and listened to some samples of my work.  But maybe you're wondering, "Just who is this guy?"    Well, wonder no more!  Here's a quick bio to give you a bit of insight to the man behind the microphone (and in front of the camera)...

This is me preparing to take the engineer's seat of Nevada Northern No. 40, a century-old steam locomotive.

My Story (so far...)

I was born and raised in the suburbs north of Pittsburgh.  I caught the acting bug at the age of 15 when I was cast in my high school's production of "The Curious Savage," and have been performing ever since.  Thankfully, my family was supportive and I attended Point Park College's Theatre Arts program, earning my BFA in 1992.

In the mid-nineties, I spent a year in Jersey City with my good friend (and excellent actress) Gina Priano-Keyser, pursuing acting gigs in New York City.  We had several small independent jobs and a lot of crazy adventures (...such as me & Gina spending the entire night out freezing in a blizzard so we'd be first in line to audition for Francis Ford Coppola when he was casting actors for a film adaptation of Jack Kerouac's "On the Road.").

Eventually, homesickness drew me back to Pittsburgh, where I continued to act in theater, film, television, and a couple of web series.  In the past several years, I've gravitated toward voiceover work, which I've found to be artistically challenging & rewarding (not to mention fun}.  I still enjoy performing in all media, live and recorded, and am thankful for all the opportunities which come my way.

I am happy to be sharing a home with the love of my life:  my marvelous partner of over 20 years, and our beautiful dog, Portia.  It's wonderful to be in my hometown, surrounded by family and friends.  I've also been blessed to see the world with my partner, traveling throughout Europe and to Asia, South Africa, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean.

My passions and hobbies outside of acting include trains & railroads; traveling; animals, nature, & the great outdoors; building models; painting & sketching; reading; history; cryptozoology; and a good glass of wine or bourbon.  I'm also a shameless science fiction, fantasy, & horror geek.  


And this is Portia!

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